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Despite having a beautifully designed and technically perfect website its getting harder and harder to perform well in the search engines without high quality informative well researched web copy.  

Data Analysis

Tactical and strategic – SEO data gives us a chance to see areas of market that may have been overlooked and we can quickly grab market share in a niche with high search volumes and limited competition.  


12 years experience in everything SEO from full scale onsite technical audits, website migrations to white hat link building and everything else in between.

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User experience and Metrics

Making a more enjoyable experience for website users also improves search engine credibility.

Conversion Rate Optimisations

Making the most out of you existing web traffic for a greater ROI.

Click Through Rate Optimisation

Using PPC data and attribution modelling can really help leverage SEO.

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Mark is a high committed SEO professorial and clearly has a strong passion for the work he does. Time after time Mark offers up sound advice and makes key improvements that go on to improve our SEO on a monthly basis. If you looking for help with your digital marketing Mark would always be my first port of call an I would highly recommend him to any one who needs advice or web traffic has plateaued.

Matt Balf Director at Clear Cloud Services

SEO is should not just be about top positions

SEO should not be about just high positions and rankings although this is indicative of how well the site is doing. In the modern world of digital marketing this should be put to one side and a focus should always be on business growth via the internet based on the number of leads or revenue a site can acquire over a fix time as well year on year.

  • Traffic
  • Web leads
  • Revenue
  • Big return on investment
Technical SEO
Link Building
Project and Stakeholder Managment
Digital Strategy

My Approach to Search

My personal approach to digital marketing is simple but very analytical and driven by data and content. This is also replicated in the philosophy of Up Your Rank and its partners. Virtually all my campaigns over the years have resulted in over 1000% ROI and it is that as well as high quality reporting and insuring the customer is kept in the know that naturally results in a very high client retention of well over 90%.

Selecting Keywords for a campaign does provide a basis for what to target but is not a core focus for my SEO customers. I believe a long-standing SEO we should endeavour to bring the site up on the search engines as highly as possible, for as many keywords as possible, not just a few we think people are looking for. Therefore, the more keywords we have exposure for the more data and insight we have around the searches that are working the hardest for us. From a financial point of view it is these searches we should always reinvest in.

Not only that by optimising for many more than a few selected high profile queries in Google we also get to pick up the endless variety of long tail keywords that often get forgotten about. As PPC data tells us it is these that often work the hardest for our business. Using this approach, we always find we are getting beneficial business result before or core keywords have hit page one and my clients see a positive ROI sooner than expected.

As well as this approach to keyword targeting using data gives us the opportunity to drop in one off tactical and strategic campaigns for dynamic fast paced products and services. By planning ahead, we can always be in a strong position for SEO on seasonal items leaving the competition behind while they try to catch up after the event has started.

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